Carving With Durham's

Durham’s makes a forgiving but long-lasting material for carving. From first time carvers to old pros. Like any carving, use care and adult supervision when appropriate. Then have fun.

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Carving with water putty provides a huge advantage. Because if you make a mistake carving water putty, just fill it in with more putty, let it dry, and proceed carving.

The first step is to form a block of water putty. Mix Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty with water to the consistency of thick cream. Then pour into a mold such as a milk carton or cardboard box, tapping gently while pouring to bring air bubbles to the surface.

After letting the putty set, remove the mold and start carving. Form the general contour and gradually carve it into the finished object. The putty does not need to be completely dry when you start. In fact you will find it easier to carve if you start when it is the consistency of hard soap.

Your finished work can be sanded or polished, or for an interesting effect you can leave it with your tool marks showing. If you want a color other than the light ivory of the putty itself, refer to the section titled How To Color Your Art Objects.

With a block of water putty and sharp knifes or carving tools, you can create a variety of interesting carved animals and other objects. This carved cat an ideal conversation piece for the home or office.

All You Need Is Durhams

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