The History of Durham’s® Rock Hard® Water Putty

Durham’s® Water Putty is used by repairmen, carpenters, woodworkers as well as DIYers and homeowners looking for a great product for home repair.
It is durable, long-lasting and Rock Hard! The powder formula becomes a putty substance when mixed with water.

RH Brands, Inc. purchased the Durham’s® Rock Hard® Water Putty product in 2022 and continues to manufacture the putty in Des Moines, IA. With Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty – the possibilities are endless! The most common uses for Durham’s Water Putty are filling holes, wood repair and patching plaster. Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty loyal customers have reported using the putty for arts and crafts, furniture restoration, taxidermy, casting, modeling, and even as a 3D printing protective coating!   There’s no firing, no strong odors, no toxic chemicals, and it’s non-flammable, won’t shrink, and is easily colored or painted.

For lasting creations and restorations, always use the original Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty.