What is Durham’s Water Putty

Durham’s Water Putty is a powder wood filler that becomes a putty consistency when water is added. Because you can mix the putty as needed, it is a great patching compound to have on hand because it never dries out. So how do you use this wood filler powder? In a disposable cup, mix three parts powder with one part water until you reach a putty consistency. Stir until mixed and apply the compound as a patch or crack filler.

Durham’s is not just used for patching wood, it is also used in arts and crafts. Durham’s is also a great wood filler for all kinds of household repairs. If you are looking for a woodfiller to repair furniture, or a stucco or concrete patch kit – Durham’s is it! 

It is an all purpose putty. It can be used for patching wood, concrete, plaster, stucco, siding, or wall and drywall repairs. Just mix Durham’s with water – apply the putty to the patch area and paint! As the putty dries, it will slightly expand which will make the patch a long-lasting repair. Once the putty is dry, you will want to paint the Durham’s patch to seal it from water. Durham’s is a sandable wood filler product. Because it is Rock Hard it is best to spread the compound as smooth as possible because it can be difficult to sand. Also – be sure to paint over the putty patch in outdoors applications as Durham’s is NOT a waterproof wood filler.

All You Need Is Durhams

For whatever you need, Durhams is there for you. Order Durhams today or check your local hardware or DIY store for stock.