Modeling With Durham's

Even Hollywood set designers use it. But you don’t have to be a professional designer to use Durham’s to make models of figurines, animals, birds, other things from nature, or landscapes.

Arts & Crafts


What would you like to make a model of? Interesting figures, birds, animals, abstract designs, and objects of any sort. How about reliefs, or scenic backgrounds for model railroading? Let your imagination run wild.

Durham’s allows you to achieve unique surface effects not possible with other materials because it sets up faster than clay and other materials. Also, Durham’s can be both modeled and carved so you can get just the shape you’re looking for in a durable product.

You can form the putty directly over a mount, called an armature. Or you can form it over supporting material placed over an armature. Regardless, Durham’s Water Putty sticks and stays in position.

“Here’s a picture of my newest model railroad. The scenery was done exclusively with Durham’s over metal screen! Thanks for a great product! ” – Rob Symington

All You Need Is Durhams

For whatever you need, Durhams is there for you. Order Durhams today or check your local hardware or DIY store for stock.