Let Your Creative Side Shine With Durham's®

Most of us have never thought about working with water putty as an art material, but you should definitely try it. From the sense of accomplishment of creating something new to the pride of restoring a treasured antique, many people find it to be a rewarding adventure.

Durham’s works great for anything from fun and simple crafts for kids to sophisticated and beautiful works of art. You are limited only by your imagination, so check out these possibilities, and have fun…

Download Our

Free PDF

Download this free PDF of our 16-page booklet showing how to create art objects with water putty. It shows you how you can easily make attractive, stronger art objects with Durham’s® Rock Hard® Water Putty. There’s no firing, no strong odors, no toxic chemicals, and it’s non-flammable, won’t shrink,and is easily colored or painted.

For lasting creations and restorations, always use genuine Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty.

All You Need Is Durhams

For whatever you need, Durhams is there for you. Order Durhams today or check your local hardware or DIY store for stock.