Helpful Tips

– For optimum drying – putty should be applied in temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Putty can be applied as long as the temperature remains above freezing, but it will significantly slow the drying process and putty will not have good strength until it has completely dried.

When mixing – be sure you are mixing 3 parts powder to 1 part water by weight. Also – try using cold water. You can add vinegar to help slow the drying process – but no more than 25% of the water that you added.  Lastly – when mixing, don’t overwork it – it will also cause the putty to harden quicker.

Total drying time depends on the amount of Durham’s Water Putty that is applied, humidity, and temperature.  A good rule of thumb is to complete the repair and wait overnight to dry – however depending on these factors – it may more or less time to dry completely.  Applying the  water putty in quarter inch amounts and letting it dry overnight will be very helpful in assuring that the putty is dry all the way to the bottom of the patch and the moisture level is good for painting. To determine if your putty is dry – lightly sand your repair.  If it is dusty – then your repair is dry. However, if it feels sticky when you sand, then you will need to give it more time to dry.

Durham’s Water Putty can be removed easily from silicone molds or latex molding material. For small items, you can also use modeling clay since water putty will not stick to modeling clay.

– Yes – but keep in mind that Durham’s Water Putty is not waterproof. Durham’s will withstand weather if kept painted, but paint will peel from damp water putty. Durham’s will absorb moisture, like from underneath porch floors or decks, condensation within walls, and humid environments like showers or bathtub enclosures, which will prevent Durham’s from completely drying or adhering. For best results, when applying in the exterior, ensure the putty is completely dry, then seal the item repaired with a paint/sealer. Surface stains will NOT adhere to Durham’s Water Putty.

It is NOT recommended. Putty is NOT waterproof and will absorb moisture from underneath porch or deck floors. Also where there is movement, as between floor boards, or expansion and contraction, putty may become loose.