Durham’s Rock Hard Wood Filler


Versatile Wood Filler suitable professional or at-home DIY use.

Fast drying, and can be sawed, sanded, painted, stained, polished, and chiseled.

Non-hazardous, low-odor material that can be applied with a brush or putty knife.



Wood Filler Repairs

Durham’s is the go-to Wood Filler product for homeowners and handypersons for making repairs to wood, drywall, patching plastic, tile, and many more uses. Durham’s stays put and does not shrink. It can be sawed, chiseled, sanded, polished, and colored. Use Durham’s for lasting repairs.

General Repair Uses

Durham's Wood Filler is perfect for filling voids like holes, and cracks.

Patch Plaster Walls

Use a brush or putty knife to spread Durham's into cracks and cavities of plaster walls.

Fill Holes In Wood

Durham's is ideal for filling knotholes, nail holes, oversized screw holes, and other defects in wood.

Hang Pictures

To hang pictures and artwork with greater holding strength, place a dab of Durham's into the old nail or wire hole.

Using Wood Filler

Durham’s Wood Filler is great for indoor repairs. 

Mixing 3 parts powder to 1 part water is recommended for best results.

Perfect for filling cracks and gaps in tables, cabinets, flooring, and furniture, wood filler is typically applied with a putty knife to get into all of the grains.

The filler hardens as it cures and once it is fully dry, you can sand, paint, and stain it.

Total drying time depends on size, humidity, and temperature – this can range between 30 minutes to a few hours or even overnight. Once it is fully dry, you can color the filler to match your desired look.

Wood Filler FAQs

How do you apply wood filler?

Mix 3 parts powder to 1 part water to create a paste. After the area is cleaned and prepared, Durham's Wood Filler can be applied using a brush or putty knife.

Can you paint wood filler?

Yes, you must ensure the area is thoroughly dried before painting to avoid any peeling.

Can you sand wood filler?

Yes, once the filler is fully dry you can use sandpaper to smooth the surface.

How long does wood filler last?

Durham’s Water Filler doesn't expire, you just need to be sure that it is kept dry and sealed in its can.

All You Need Is Durhams

For whatever you need, Durhams is there for you. Order Durhams today or check your local hardware or DIY store for stock.