Creating Mosiacs With Durham's

If you’ve never tried Durham’s for mosaic designs on everyday items, try it. It’s easy, fun, and adds personal value and personality.

Arts & Crafts


With Durham’s you can add mosaic designs to things like trivets, coasters, wall plaques, table tops, box lids, ash trays, and many other items. Simply embed pebbles, shells, mosaic tiles, and other colorful materials in Durham’s Water Putty. An alternative is to use this putty as a grouting material.

Next time you’re at the beach, pick up an assortment of the colorful pebbles. Try to collect relative flat pebbles, not more than ¼-inch thick. Wash and dry them, then arrange them in an appealing design. Or ask your hobby, craft, or art store for other suitable mosaic materials.

Then mix Durham’s Water Putty with water to the consistency of heavy cream. Pour this into the object you have selected so putty is slightly shallower in thickness than what you want for the finished mosaic.

Smooth the putty surface, then carefully embed your materials with the smooth side up, arranging them in any design you wish. After the putty is dry you can color it. Or color the putty at the time you mix it with water if you prefer. See our on-line coloring instructions for details.

Attractive vases can be made by applying a coating of Durham’s Water Putty mixed with water to the clean outside surfaces of glass jars or bottles. While the putty is still moist, embed shells or other materials in the putty so they will adhere. You can substitute shell macaroni for natural shell. You can then shellac or spray with metallic or colored paint if you want.

The mosaic design on this trivet is made with a border of black pebbles from Japan, tumbled abalone shells in natural mother-of-pearl color, and pebble tiles in white, ivory, and brown — all embedded in Durham’s Putty.

This jewelry box has an ornamental top of shells set in Durham’s Putty. Other interesting effects can be achieved with designs of tiles or pebbles.

Wooden pieces were cut and assembled using Durham’s water putty to make this replica of Rocky himself!

All You Need Is Durhams

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