Restoring Antiques, Art, or Furniture

You can quickly and easily fill cracks or chips in art objects and furniture with my Rock Hard Water Putty. With a little patience and experimentation you can also match the color of the original piece.

Arts & Crafts


Damaged or missing sections on ornate picture frames can be duplicated and replaced with Durham’s Water Putty. Just make a rubber mold from a corresponding undamaged portion. (Visit your art, craft, or hobby store for liquid rubber specially prepared for making such molds.) Then make a putty cast from the mold and use it to replace the missing section of the frame.

Fill gouges in damaged wood carvings with Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty. When set, the putty can be carved exactly as you would carve the wood.

A chip on this Fu Dog is being filled with Durham’s Putty. When dry, the repair will be painted to match the original bronze-effect finish.

All You Need Is Durhams

For whatever you need, Durhams is there for you. Order Durhams today or check your local hardware or DIY store for stock.