Casting With Durham's

It’s easy to make impressive figurines, relief sculptures, and other items that you can keep, display, or give to your friends. Simply cast them with original Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty® using any suitable plastic or flexible rubber film.

Arts & Crafts


Start by mixing Durham’s Putty and water together to the consistency of heavy cream.

Immediately pour the mixture into the mold, tapping the mold gently while filling to bring air bubbles to the surface. After the putty has set, carefully remove the cast from the mold and fill in any air bubbles which might remain with a new mixture of putty.

An interesting way to give an attractive carved appearance to plain furniture, doors, or walls is to make a number of casts from molds of carved plaques. These molds may be purchased, or you may make them yourself from your own favorite plaque by following the instructions found in “Restoring Art Objects.” For an extra strong hanger, insert a screw or wire into the back of the plaque while Durham’s is still wet.

Durham’s Water Putty casts made from molds may be joined together and fastened to the flat surface of the item you wish to transform. With these casts you can duplicate the appearance of beautifully carved Spanish furniture.

Casts may be painted or colored. Refer to How To Color Your Art Objects.

This flexible rubber mold is placed in a glass to provide support while casting. Both partridges pictured are painted green and highlighted with a paste-type dull gold.

Christmas Ornaments

Molds are available in a wide range of materials and subjects. This is a plastic candy mold showing one casting still in place.

After Durham’s Water Putty has set, the casting can be removed and painted. If desired, a magnet or wire hanger (such as a paper clip) can be inserted into the back of the casting before it hardens.


This Aquarius plaque, suitable for hanging on a wall, has a cameo effect achieved by painting the entire surface of the cameo brown, then applying two coats of light ivory paint on the raised portions. The plastic mold used in casting this plaque was quite deep, but it does not need to be filled to the top if a thinner cast is desired.

All You Need Is Durhams

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