Durham’s – Your Favorite Repair Putty

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty is a staple product for many carpenters, woodworkers, DIYers,
and homeowners looking for a great product for home repair. But what makes Durham’s Water
Putty a must have product? Common uses are for filling holes, wood repair, and patching
plaster. Today, many Durham’s Water Putty customers have used our product for arts and
, furniture restoration, taxidermy, casting, modeling. With all the wood filler products on
the market – what makes Durham’s a staple in any households? Check out the top 3 reasons
people choose Durham’s:

Dry Formula
Durham’s Water Putty is a powder wood filler product which is unique compared to most filler
products. Durham’s should be mixed at a ratio of 3 parts powder to 1 part water by weight. The
putty becomes a thick filler substance when mixed. That means that Durham’s is always ready
when you need it! No need to worry about your container of wood filler drying out after you’ve
used it once. You can also mix up as much as you need – so no product goes to waste.

When using Durham’s Water Putty – there are no strong odors or toxic chemicals! Unlike epoxy
fillers, Durham’s won’t leave a strong fume smell when mixed up. It is non-flammable and won’t
shrink when it dries.

Rock Hard
When you make a repair with Durham’s – it will dry Rock Hard® which means it is a strong
lasting material. Durham’s will ‘stick and stay put’ for all your repair needs. It is important to
smooth your repair your area as much as possible while Durham’s is still wet – as it can be
difficult to sand after it has fully cured.

When compared to other wood fillers on the market, Durham’s Water Putty is the most
economical and versatile product on the market. Not to mention, Durham’s is reliable with it’s
unique powder formula. If you are looking for a wood filler or wood repair product that will last –
look no further than Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty!