Using Durham’s For Art Pieces

Durham’s® Water Putty may be your favorite wood filler but did you know that Durham’s is often
used as an art medium? Whether you are a professional artist or creating some craft projects at
home – Durham’s Water Putty has many uses!

It’s easy to make impressive figurines or statues to keep, display or give to your friends. Simply
cast them with Durham’s Rock Hard® Water Putty using a plastic or flexible silicone mold. Once
Durham’s has set-up, you can remove from the mold to allow your piece to continue drying.

Durham’s is used to give texture and strength to art sculpture pieces. Because Durham’s can be
mixed to whatever consistency is desired it makes it a versatile medium. Water Putty allows you
to achieve textures and effects that may not be possible with other materials because it sets up
faster than clay and other materials. You can form putty over a mount or you can form it over
other materials places on a mount. Durham’s Water Putty will stick and stay put for a durable
finish to your art pieces.

From first time carvers to pro – Durham’s can be a long-lasting material for carving. Carving with
water putty
provides a huge advantage for novice carvers – as if you make a mistake, you can
fill in with more water putty! For best results, form a block of water putty. After letting the putty
set, you can remove the mold and start carving. It easier to start carving when the putty block is
still somewhat moist – about the consistency of hard soap. Once you have carved your
masterpiece, your finished piece can be sanded, polished, or painted.

Working with Durham’s is so simple, it is easy to understand why so many artist choose the
Original Durham’s Water Putty! Next time you have an art project, give Durham’s Water Putty a
try – we can’t wait to see what you create!